Space Coast 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan


Every five years the Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) updates its Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The 2040 LRTP begins with an assessment  of Brevard County's history, and then explores differing future economic development scenarios and how each scenario influences development patterns and transportation needs throughout the County. The preferred scenario will then become the basis for determining the County's transportation improvements necessary to develop the plan.


This LRTP update will also define how each of the major transportation corridors in the County functions so that the right transportation improvements are identified in the Plan to fulfill each major corridor's primary function.


The LRTP update process will provide a number of opportunities for you to participate, beginning with an online public survey that we hope you take the time to complete. You will have a chance to participate in workshops that envision the differing economic development possibilities in the County and how you think they could influence development patterns; and you will have a chance to help define the improvements that help major transportation corridors meet their intended function.




The Corridor Planning Workshop Survey is now available online!
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