Space Coast 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

Brevard Facts

Brevard County has experienced substantial population growth over the past five decades, which has exceeded the rate of growth for the State of Florida as a whole, a State that is often characterized by rapid growth.  That same growth has also brought about a continued shift in the age demographic of the County, resulting in a shift from an overall younger to older population.


While Brevard truly came into recognition as a ‘space technology’ region early on, the employment character of the County has shifted over the years to more of a service-based economy, much like the rest of Florida.  And work commuting characteristics reveal that Brevard is seeing a noticeable rise in its ‘work from home’ population as well as those choosing to commute to work by bicycle.


Click here for an overview of how Brevard’s age demographics, employment options, and transportation choices have changed over the past 50 years.




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