Space Coast 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

Improvement Options

Transportation comes in many shapes and sizes.  What is most important is that the right modes are available to serve the needs of the community and to give residents and visitors choices for how they wish to travel.  That’s why Brevard in conjunction with its many cities and government agencies is working to improve the County’s transportation network to establish a multimodal transportation environment where people can comfortably and conveniently connect to their destinations.  Below, are the varied improvement options that will be weighed and considered during the development of the Space Coast 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).

Walking and Biking

In Brevard, we have established a strong bicycle, pedestrian and trails program.  The Space Coast TPO has just recently developed a Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility Plan that will guide short- and long-term project and program priorities to address gaps and deficiencies in bicycle and pedestrian mobility in ways that support broad community goals relating to economic vitality and community livability.  These projects and programs will be incorporated into the 2040 LRTP under the bicycle, pedestrian and trails element.


We want to find ways to make these options more appealing for people who drive.  How likely would you be to increase your use of these resources if improvements were made?


The Space Coast TPO has targeted Transportation Alternative Funding to the regional showcase trail network, which encompasses nearly 200 miles of planned greenways throughout the County.

Complete Streets

The Space Coast TPO has taken a leadership role in advancing its efforts towards the application of complete street principles on existing roadways in the Brevard region.  Moving people safely, regardless of the mode, is the key component of Complete Streets.  The vision of Complete Streets is to create a safe and efficient transportation network that promotes the mobility of all citizens and visitors by providing high quality pedestrian, bicycle, transit and automobile access to all destinations throughout Brevard.


The TPO created and adopted Complete Streets Guiding Principles, including a complete streets vision for Brevard County.  Many of the municipalities in the County have since adopted a Complete Streets Policy.  The TPO launched a funding assistance program in 2011 and has developed an evaluation screening tool to help identify high priority Complete Streets projects that can be built within a short time frame.


Click here to download the Guidelines.


Traditionally the Space Coast TPO has used the following key strategies to address the transportation needs throughout Brevard County:


• Optimize the current street and highway network with Intelligent Transportation

   System (ITS)

• Widen strategic roadways to improve access between economic generators and

   intermodal hubs

• Disperse traffic across the network with new corridors and connections

• Increase multimodal emphasis with street design


These strategies remain important and will carry through the 2040 LRTP process.  Many will lead to specific transportation improvement projects realized through the 2040 LRTP’s corridor strategic plans.

Operations (ITS)

Roadways can be designed and built to accommodate traffic volumes and improve vehicular transportation.  Over the years, traffic operations technology has played an increasingly important role in helping to optimize the performance of roadways to more efficiently move traffic.  Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technology continues to improve, helping to improve operations and relieve congestion.  ITS technology will no doubt continue to grow and find newer, more efficient ways to improve the overall transportation network.

Public Transit (Bus)

The use of public transportation in Brevard has steadily increased over the years and shows no sign of diminishing.  Currently, the County’s public transportation needs are served though Space Coast Area Transit (SCAT) bus routes.  Will Brevard be faced with meeting the needs and demands for increases in public transit service from both an aging population less able to drive and a younger population cohort interested in communities offering transportation alternatives?  If so, what will it take for the County to be able to support a more robust public transit system in terms of growth and development?

Passenger Rail

In the past, Brevard County was served by Amtrak with passenger rail.  That rail corridor remains today, however, currently with only freight rail service.  Today, there are both public and private entities that see value in re-establishing passenger rail service along this existing rail corridor and plans and talks with coordinating public agencies continue along.  If passenger rail service is to come back to Brevard, it will no doubt have an impact on other transportation modes and services as well as the changing character of existing communities along the rail corridor.  The 2040 LRTP must be cognoscente of this potential reality and plan accordingly.

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