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Transportation supports most everybody.  Whether traveling to work by bus, bringing cargo in by ship, driving your car to the grocery store, or sending a rocket into space, transportation impacts where and how we live and work.  The Space Coast 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) will consider many modes of transportation both currently existing in Brevard County and potentially viable in the future.  Equally important, the 2040 LRTP will consider improvement options along vital transportation corridors to support economic development and community reinvestment.


Corridor Plans – Reinvesting in Communities

The 2040 LRTP will follow a process and produce a final product that marks a departure from past long range transportation plans.  There will be reduced focus on projects designed to address typical automobile level of service standards.  While these project types are no less important, instead, the 2040 LRTP projects will be organized around transportation corridor strategies, which will include corridor/place types and corridor strategic plans, and will be driven by future economic growth strategies.  All of these elements will be considerate of future land use and the built environment in addition to multiple modes of transportation.


A series of corridor strategic plans will be prepared to help determine the major corridor improvement needs throughout the County.  The plans will identify the recommended improvement strategies and modifications necessary to implement such plans and realize the corridor and place typologies identified.  A list of specific transportation improvement projects will be generated from the recommended improvements and modifications and will be analyzed further in the development of the Cost Feasible 2040 LRTP.


Corridor Plans






People Moving - Quality of Life


When people have viable options for how they can move about, their quality of life is improved.  Brevard County is rich with mobility options to serve the needs of residents and visitors.  From airports to sea ports, to highways and bike paths, Brevard is invested in transportation infrastructure for many different modes and at ranging scales.  The 2040 LRTP will look for ways improve and expand, where desirable, existing transportation modes and explore the potential for alternative modes that will guide the County prosperously into the future, improving the quality of life for current and future residents.




Movement by Foot

Movement by Bike

Movement by Car

Movement by Transit

Movement by Rail

Movement by Ship

Movement by Plane

Movement by Space Craft

Freight & Goods Movement - Economic Development


When it comes to economic development, transportation is big business in Brevard County.  The existence of a spaceport, seaport, airports, automobile expressway system, and rail line all in one county make Brevard a unique place when it comes to freight and goods movement.  A sizeable portion of the County’s economy depends on these places and corridors for its current and future vitality.  The 2040 LRTP will coordinate with the various entities responsible for these modes and facilities to determine how best transportation improvements can support plans for future growth and expansion.

Movement by Truck

Movement by Rail

Movement by Ship

Movement by Plane

Movement by Space Craft

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